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Aug 11, 2021

Welcome to Episode 9 of Season 3! This week, AMSE CEO Moni Jefferson is talking to Shanita Liu. She shared the moment when she realized she could no longer be a part of the cultural conditioning that was a part of her life. Shanita shares vulnerable moments and why becoming a life coach was the answer she didn’t even know she needed. 

Here are some other things you’ll hear about on the podcast: 

  • Imposter Syndrome: What is it and how to deal with it. 
  • What is it you need right now?   
  • Learn to check in with yourself. 
  • Create strategies to recognize Imposter Syndrome and move forward from it. 
  • The many ways Imposter Syndrome can show up in your life. 
  • Learn how to call in your courage. 
  • Life is not perfect. Remember your why.    
  • Who are you connecting with?  
  • Come back to the essence of who you are.  
  • Watch out for compare despair as well as imposter syndrome.  
  • What is your purpose and intention? Make sure you are walking in your gift. 
  • Remember, it’s your journey, no one else's.
  • You are courageous! Find ways to dig into your courage. 

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Visit her website here: Coach Shanita.

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