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Aug 25, 2021

Welcome to Episode 11 of Season 3! This week, AMSE CEO Moni Jefferson talks to Nicte Cuevas about diversity, finding your niche, self-awareness, and all the things that can help you build your business to meet the needs of those you’re serving. In addition, Nicte shares her knowledge and experience as a brand strategist and graphic designer. Along with how she applies culture and color psychology to help others really connect with people. 

Here are some other things you’ll hear about on the podcast: 

  • Connect with people on the human level using empathy marketing in your branding.
  • Everything Nicte does is a connection to her culture and her love for diversity.    
  • Celebrate yourself and create your own space. 
  • Find ways to learn about and celebrate other cultures.    
  • Create guidelines when just starting out on how much free work you’re willing to do and be very selective about who you give your talent to.   
  • Have business boundaries with those you’re working for.
  • When it comes to building a brand, you need to have the right people helping you. 
  • Get to know your audience before you create any design. 
  • Your mission and vision need to connect with how you’re trying to reach your audience. 
  • Make sure you’re educating yourself on how to be truly inclusive and diverse when creating photos and marketing others. 
  • Ask yourself, “Who is this going to serve?”

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